My professional career began when I created several tracks used in the promotional videos for a fledgling video game design company in the UK (you can find links to those videos on my “Portfolio” page).

Next, I created 15 original tracks for a game design company called The Game Creators ( for several of their games. A few years later I created an original background soundtrack for one of their animated logos (featuring the relaunch of their flagship First Person Shooter game creation software “FPS Creator” Reloaded - you can find links to those projects on my “Portfolio” page). Currently, I am working on various tracks for a variety of clients.

Currently, I am working on various tracks for a variety of clients.



My name is Davie J., and this is my artist website.

Since I was just a young child, I have been creating original Instrumental music.

My first original composition of note was for a high school project when my English teacher asked the class to write the lyrics to a song about the lead character of a book we were reading. Wishing to impress, I created not only the words, but composed and sang an entire three minute song; which she proudly played for the class.

 Also, there are many new experimental tracks I am currently working on. They are a bit out of my wheelhouse, but that’s the fun part. It’s really fun to create music beyond what I’m used to. It prepares me to meet the needs of a more expansive and diverse clientele.

Once I was an Uber driver. One thing I loved doing was playing my newly created tracks for passengers. Most never even knew I made them, but liked the tunes all the same. I was flattered. It was the perfect way for me to gain public attention while earning money doing something I loved.

Please feel free to enjoy any of my original full tracks located on the “Portfolio” page. You may need the Flash Player (from, and Java (from to listen to the tracks.

Thank you so much for visiting my artist site.

Should you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss hiring me for a music project, please use the email address on the Contact page.


The type of music I make may be used as background soundtracks for commercials, video games (including “mid-game” tracks), cartoons, animated logos, TV shows, box office feature movies, commemorative memorial videos, and more.




This book deals with the sexual abuse location of young people. In addition to describing background, it also presents preventative measures. The information found therein cannot be found in any other publication on the topic.

It is a must read for all parents or guardians.


The Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

We specialize in damage assessment and control. Our specific area of expertise is in crime prevention through a variety of projects and programs; chief of which is our Created Expressions program, which assists the incarcerated and newly released in getting their fictional and artwork published in the mainstream.

Please visit our website for more information to learn ways you can help us reach our goals.

This book deals with what can happen when a child is brought up by the state and institutions rather than loving parents.

It chronicles the first-hand account of one such adult and the unfortunate events which he suffered as a result.


This is my (Mr. George Nassar ) officially authorized autobiography. I am the man who both the media and Boston law enforcement believed to be the "Boston Strangler". This book chronicles my life story, personal struggles, efforts and successes in prison reform, and what I learned about crime and criminal behavior. This book was transcribed under the control of David Robitaille.